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The owners of a trading company specializing in furniture and interior items are faced with a situation when their management accounting system works only at the transaction level, and no one can promptly provide analytics on sales performance and achievement of targets. It took time to prepare and consolidate the data, which often had discrepancies between the data of the units and the group itself.

Each manager at his level (top management, departments) should be able to access reliable information at any time and in different aspects of analytics.

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IGM consultants proposed not only to optimize and improve the quality of information of the existing accounting system, but also, in accordance with the advanced achievements of digital technologies, to introduce interactive dashboards for monitoring work results (sales, profitability, dynamics, divisions and KPIs) to receive management reports online. line.


The assessment of the existing IT infrastructure made it clear that it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of developing the management accounting system. The introduction of 1C was already coming to an end. MS SQL Server and Active Directory were available. The use of MS Reporting Services was a logical development of the system, especially since the Microsoft marketing program gives the right to a free Datazen license for deployment based on SQL.

Carried out diagnostics of the management accounting management system and prepared recommendations for logical errors in reports. Developed a roadmap for corrections and improvements. At the heart of the logic, a reliable double-entry method was proposed to eliminate errors in management accounting, and cross-checks were developed through reports within the accounting system. The main goal is for each division to be able to see its performance in terms of sales, turnover and profitability of its division.

The company's management, together with IGM consultants, developed an optimal system of key performance indicators, brought into a strict system the procedure for accounting and flow of information in 1C, established a management accounting system in accordance with world standards used in trade organizations (including automatic generation of the Profit Statement and Cash Flow Statement) , organized a data warehouse and methods for their transformation, ensured the mutual integration of existing accounting systems.


The use of the Agile approach in project management made it possible to start implementation without detailing the technical specifications, which gave quick results based on the current wishes of the management already at the stages of ready-made prototypes. In each sprint, accounting modules were refined and visual report panels were developed to monitor the business situation, taking into account various access rights.

As a result, IGM consultants increased the efficiency of obtaining data for management decisions by 100 times (from one day to 1 minute). The savings in annual labor costs for preparing reports and rechecking information were reduced by 2,400 man-hours (300 working days). The company received an efficient and automated tool for measuring and evaluating business performance.

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