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Client Situation Options

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Business idea

There is a startup or a new potentially promising business line that requires careful study before starting an investment.


  • conduct market research and build a development forecast
  • prepare a go-to-market plan
  • develop a financial model
  • prepare a business plan, presentation
  • attract an investor or partner to the project
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Investment Project

The investment decision has been made, active promotion of the project is required to obtain support and funding.


  • develop a feasibility study
  • conduct an external marketing assessment
  • attract debt and equty capital
  • get tax breaks and preferences
  • establish project management, risk management
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Operating Business

The business is well-established and actively developing, options for attracting a strategic investor or selling a business are being considered.


  • estimate the value of a business
  • create a business development forecast
  • prepare an investment memorandum
  • attract a strategic investor
  • find a buyer for a business

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  • A team of qualified investment consultants and advisors
  • Experience in project support from idea to the stage of a successful business
  • Access to international experience and industry experts from the IGM group
  • Well-established business relationships with banks, development institutions, investors and business angels
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