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Team & Career

IGM brings together business consultants from around the world to provide clients with the best services, leveraging experience and cutting-edge technology, removing barriers and opening new horizons for business.

Professional consultants from regions and countries such as Europe, North America, Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, China, Korea and Australia create unique solutions for the challenges our clients face.

Rich industry expertise and international project experience. Understanding the local traditions of doing business and socio-cultural differences of the population allows us to find effective approaches.

Our advantages

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Our Advantages

Choosing a business consultant is always a challenge for the client. The manager or owner must find in the person of a consultant not just a service provider, but an assistant in solving the assigned tasks.

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Differences IGM?

Global database of business cases.

The results of the completed projects of all consultants are consolidated in a single IGM knowledge base, which makes it possible to effectively apply the best business cases and find quick solutions to the client's tasks.

Result-motivated consultants.

All our consultants are partners of IGM and receive income from successfully completed projects, based on clients feedback, a rating of consultants is conducted, according to which priority in the distribution of projects is given to the most effective of all.

Deep knowledge of local specifics.

Our project teams include experts who live and work in the countries where our clients invest and do business, while they are strengthened by the international expertise of the entire pool of IGM consultants.

Career and Partnership

IGM is constantly looking for young talent and established experts around the world. The success of the international IGM group lies in the creation of special conditions for each Partner.


What does an IGM Partner and Consultant get?

Strengthening personal expertise.

We enrich the expertise of each Partner by combining the experience and knowledge of all 300 IGM business consultants.

International promotion.

We use all business opportunities for the global promotion of IGM Partners as carriers of personal competencies and as members of project teams.

Online projects.

We invite IGM Partners not only to full-time consulting projects, but also as remote experts on various issues online.

Technology transfer.

We exchange ready-made business cases and products between IGM Partners to accelerate the solution of clients' problems, borrow experience and generate additional income.

Cross-selling services.

We rely on the connections and business contacts of each Partner to sell the services of all IGM business consultants, which creates opportunities for financial success.

Professional career.

We are interested in the success of our Partners so that they can achieve results in consulting, effectively manage projects and ultimately manage local and regional offices, earning income from the business as a whole.

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