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Client Situation Options

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Market Assessment

The investor is considering the possibility of investing in a new business idea or direction, a balanced decision is required, taking into account the risks and prospects of the project.


  • research the market and sales prospects
  • assess the supply of raw materials
  • competitive intelligence
  • assess the export potential of the project
  • prepare a scenario forecast of market development
  • go-to-market strategy
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Profit Growth

The top management of the existing business concentrates on achieving the indicators set by the shareholders; maximum return from the enterprise is required, taking into account internal resources and market opportunities.


  • assess the company's position on the market and development prospects
  • marketing audit to improve the effectiveness of advertising and sales
  • organize a strategic session to develop a Roadmap
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New Horizons

The shareholders and management of the company are determined to actively expand the business, it is necessary not to miss opportunities, but also to protect themselves from risks.


  • assess the potential for market development and the prospects for increasing the company's share
  • multivariate analysis of the development forecast
  • scenario financial and economic modeling
  • develop and test marketing hypotheses for sales organization options

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  • A team of qualified consultants and marketing advisors
  • Experience in project support from assessing the feasibility of investments to reaching the planned sales level
  • The practice of developing complex predictive models with a proven result
  • Access to a global network of researchers, analysts and industry experts from the IGM group
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